This article details how you can create articles with customizable text on our platform, highlighting the differences with normal designs and the guidelines you should follow for successful implementation.

How does a customizable item differ from a normal design?

Products with customizable text display the "Customize" label over the product image in the catalog.

The product tab has a text field that allows customers to modify the text directly on the product page without going through the advanced customizer.

Guidelines to Follow for Creating Products with Customizable Text

1. Must contain only one text field.

When you create the product, add this text field from the customizer, selecting the font and text color you want.

2. The text must be centered in the print area.

To ensure an optimal user experience. Our system defaults to centering the text for an important reason: the text the customer puts will be of variable length (example: a person's name), so in the same row where the text goes, there should be no design elements.

Also, the text field must be straight. Do not apply rotation to it.

3. The concept must make sense.

Generally, only those customizable designs that have been thought and created from the beginning for this purpose will be attractive to the customer.

Adapting an existing design by including only a customizable field will not make sense in most cases, so we invite you to upload new creations or make adaptations to designs you already have if the result will truly add value to the customer.

Example of templates that do NOT make sense

Example of templates that DO make sense

4. Language localization of the design.

Activate the product only for the country that matches the language in which you define that text field.

How to Activate an Product with Customized Text?

When you add text to an item, you must check the "Item with customizable text" option found in the article creation tool.

Once you have created your item, we recommend visiting the product page to check if the user experience is correct and, if not, delete the product and re-upload it with the necessary adjustments.

It's important to follow these guidelines. We reserve the right to remove all  products that do not comply with them.