If you are not a resident in Spain, you must provide a residence certificate. Only with the possession of this certificate will we be able to retain the percentage of IRPF in consideration of the copyrights established in the double taxation agreement (CDI) signed between Spain and your country of tax residence. On the contrary, in the absence of the certificate, we should consider in general terms, 24%.

What is a tax residence certificate?

The certificate of tax residence is a document issued by the tax authorities of the country of residence of each taxpayer, confirming that the applicant is a tax resident in that country for the purpose of applying the withholdings agreed between the country of income (Spain) and residence. To this end, there are different models of certificates, so without going into detail, a certificate of residence must be requested for the purposes of the agreement between this country and Spain, to the tax authorities of the country of residence.


Does my residence certificate expire?

The certificate must be renewed, in general terms, every year. For this purpose, note that, for example, the United Kingdom issues certificates where it establishes residence from April to March (fiscal year in Great Britain), but normally its validity coincides with the calendar year. Therefore, if you get a certificate indicating that someone is resident in France in 2017, another document will be needed by 2018.

How can I send my residence certificate?

It is very easy: in the tax data section, when indicating a country of residence other than Spain, a form will be displayed so that you can upload your residence certificate.

IMPORTANT: we will validate the certificate. It is very important that it is an official document and a valid date at the time of the transaction. We remind you of the payment schedule on this page.