You define what is the gross margin (your royalties) that you want to add to our base price when you create an article in Tostadora and put it on sale. You have to decide between a large margin (and that will affect the PVP being able to make you sell less) or a small margin (and that you do not see yourself paid as you deserve)

So, what price should I put?

Setting the price too high may make buyers opt for other products. From our experience, we recommend that you add between £ 1 and £ 3 gross margin for royalties.

For example:

Base price of black short sleeve t-shirt + drawing: £15.90 (VAT included) Your gross margin: £3 (VAT included)

Total jersey RRP: £18.90 (VAT included)

Each time a sale of said article of yours is generated, you accumulate these £ 4 of royalties in your favor. Nextalia will pay you the net value of this amount, applying the current withholdings:

• subtracting the VAT from the country where the purchase was made
• subtracting the Personal Income Tax that corresponds to your fiscal profile (individual, autonomous, ...) and country of fiscal residence.

For more details on how they are calculated, click here.

Once per quarter, we add all your author's rights generated during that period and we make an income in the bank account that you gave to us.

• You can check the gross margins you have generated for royalties here.
• If you want to know more about the different sales states and margins, click here.
• If you want to know more about how your settlements are calculated, click here.