At Tostadora, we offer the ability to promote your creations around the internet, to increase awareness about them and generate more traffic (and hopefully sales).

With the "share" button, you can send the T-shirt or design (or any webpage you want) to your profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other websites in just 2 clicks!

It's one of the easiest and most powerful ways to promote your creations.

We recommend that you share both your T-shirts and your designs:

1) How do I share my T-shirts? It's simple: go to main page of your Personal Store. From there, open each and every T-shirt page. On each one, click "SHARE" and add it to the sites you want.


2) How do I share my designs? Go to you user profile page (click on "My Public Profile" at the top). If you have uploaded your own designs, these appear in "My own uploaded designs".

From there, open each and every design and click "SHARE" then add them to the sites you want.