Simple: if your designs and digital images are not properly categorised and "tagged" they will not appear in the "Search" area and users who want to buy will not find them there.

tag is a keyword associated with your design. When someone searches for this keyword, your design will be displayed in the results (along with other designs that are also associated with the same keywords).

Tips on how to use tags properly

1. Enter tags (keywords) that are specific and relevant to your design. Get into the mindset of your customer and use tags that your customers would use to find your images.

2. Use one word or phrase separated by commas. Everything between one comma and another comma will be considered as an individual tag. For example: "dog, german shepherd, pet, puppy".

3. Enter synonyms. For example, use "fun" and "funny" to cover various possibilities.

4. Use plural and singular versions of each of the most frequent words to be thorough. Do not enter verb conjugations.

5. Do not use the same words multiple times, this will not give your design a higher search ranking nor will it mean that your designs will have better search results than other designs with the same tag. The system recognises each word only once.

6. Only use tags that are truly relevant. Don't use terms that have nothing to do with the objective or so your designs will show up on unrelated searches. This is called tag spam and will be penalised with the deletion of the design.

To set a design category, just browse through the available categories and choose the category/subcategory that best fits your design. You can choose to not set a subcategory if you wish. Searches in the main category include all subcategories, so it really has no advantage (except that users looking for a specific subcategory will see your design).