Each time you create a T-shirt or any other item, you should add the royalties you want to earn to the base price. This is how you will determine the price for the end product that your users will see, and sometimes it's a difficult decision.

Try to find a happy medium. If the margin is too high, the final price may be too high and you will lose potential customers, if your margin is too low you may regret it and lose your motivation.

We recommend between 10% and 20% of the base price, but obviously there will be items where you can make more benefits while keeping the cost reasonable. We also recommend that you experiment with various prices to find which price points your customers respond to best.

Bare in mind: Market studies have shown that for certain products, the higher the cost, the better preception a potential customer has about them and consequently, the better the sales. The same item at a much lower price may mean a lower sales. In the end, it gives you something to think about. ;-)