Tostadora offers the powerful option of allowing visitors to your store(s) or from the "Search" area to personalise your items. Multiplying your potential sales and ability to earn more royalties.

For example, one of your designs made with a men's t-shirt may be of interest to a woman, or they may want another colour or style. They may even want to add their own text or put something else on the back. The same applies for items intended for parties, clubs, etc., where the same design with a minor tweak might make it perfect for someone else and increase your sales opportunities.

If the option of personalising your items is enabled (you can enable/disable it here), other users can change, add, delete text and add and delete images. They can't modify existing ones. If you choose not to allow personalisation of your items, users can only buy what you have created, with the same type of t-shirt and colour.

Don't worry, Tostadora won't allow someone else to add items that you have made or designed to their store. Also, changes a user makes in one of your designs will only affect the purchase made by that specific user, your design will continue to appear as you created it in your store.