Our goal is for everyone to enjoy the products that Tostadora has to offer. We fully support the right to express yourself, and we hope that our users know how to exercise this right without causing upset to others.

To ensure that Tostadora can continue to offer our current services, there are a number of limitations we must consider for uploaded and created content.

Tostadora does NOT accept:

  • Text or images that infringe upon intellectual property rights including trademarks, intellectual property, copyright, privacy… etc.
  • Text or images of logos of companies or products (e.g.: the "Nike" logo or "Ferrari" items).
  • UNOFFICIAL Merchandising of musicians, bands, fan clubs, sports teams or other organisations.
  • Pornographic or obscene text, images or nudity that is not naturally artistic, and inappropriate use of images of minors.
  • Text or images that promote drug use.
  • Text or images that glorify violence.
  • Text or images that glorify terrorism, Nazism or fascism.
  • Text or images with defamatory content.
  • Content that may be considered offensive, threatening, harassing or harmful.
  • Text or images with messages of hate.
  • Text or images that may be seen as insulting or discriminatory based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Text or images that glorify or encourage unlawfulness or criminal activity.

Any item or image that is considered by Tostadora to be unacceptable based on the criteria in this list, will be removed without notice. Tostadora reserves the right to take more drastic measures with the user in the case of repeated incidents, such as the permanent cancellation of his account and prohibition of the use of our services.