To remove the background of an image, you need to convert the file to a PNG with transparent background (sometimes referred to as an alpha channel). PNG images look exactly as they will be printed.

In this example, we will convert this JPG with a white background into a transparent background PNG. To do this, we need to remove the white background colour.

How to convert your JPG file into a PNG file using Adobe Photoshop:

1. Open your JPG file in Adobe Photoshop

2. From the main menu, click: Layer > New... > Layer from Background (Layer 0)

3. In the Layers palette, create new layer (Layer 1)

4. Rearrange the order of the layers, clicking on Layer 0 and dragging the mouse up (Layer 1 must be first and then Layer 0.)

5. If you do not have Layer 0 selected, do so now (in the Layers palette on the right).

6. If there are parts of your image you want to be transparent, you will need to remove them. You can do this using the "lasso tool" or the "magic wand tool" on the toolbar on the left:


7. Once you have selected what you want to remove, you can remove it by pressing the "delete" key. After it is deleted, you'll see the underlying transparent background which is represented as a checkerboard grid:

8. When you've finished cleaning up the parts that you want to make transparent, save the file as a PNG file: File > Save as and select PNG (*. PNG) as the format.

9. Now you can upload your file to Tostadora and design your t-shirt!