Image Type:

Tostadora supports JPG and PNG images. Both formats produce very good quality provided the resolution is high enough. PNG graphics contain an alpha channel for transparency and allow you to save graphics with transparent backgrounds.

White background:

Please note that a white background in both JPG and PNG will print. To print without a background, we need a PNG with an alpha channel. For more information on how to create a PNG with an alpha channel, click here.

Size and resolution of the image:

Both JPG and PNG must have a maximum size of 5 MB.

MINIMUM resolution must be 120 pixels per inch, and the full-width at least. That means, if the printed design size is 20 cm wide, the original image should be at least 20 cm wide (it's possible to reduce the size, but not enlarge it).

Important: The maximum width for user uploaded designs is 24 cm (JPG or PNG).

With slow connections, it is possible your upload may "time out" before it completes successfully.

Image A shows an image in JPEG format and image B shows a PNG file with transparent background.