Making your own personalise t-shirts is easy with our personalisation tool:

1) In the "Select Product" tab, select the product or style you'd like to print onto.

2) In "Upload Your Photo", you can upload a file/image as a JPG or PNG (in case the image has transparency).

Note: If the image you have uploaded is too small and you cannot enlarge it more, this means that the original resolution is very low. At a minimum, it must be actual size and be 120 pixels per inch. That means, if the printed design size is 20 cm wide, the original image should be at least 20 cm wide (it's possible to reduce the size, but not enlarge it). Maximum print width: 24 cm.

3) In "Add Design", Browse through the categories or use the search field to find a design you like. Then you can resize it, rotate it... etc.

4) In "Add text", just fill in the fields where it says "Text:" use the font you like best, increase or decrease the size as you like and set the colour to your preference.

If you want more complex text or text with strokes that aren't possible with the fonts we have available (such as distressed text), or many colours, or gradients, you can create a PNG with a transparent background in a program like Adobe Photoshop, then upload it via the tab "Upload your photo ".

When you've finished, you can add your personalised t-shirts to the Shopping Basket and proceed with the ordering process (you don't need a user account). You can also send it to others to review, or save them to your favourites for later use.

You don't need a user account to shop on Tostadora.

You can also browse the thousands upon thousands of t-shirts, and other clothing items created and for sale by other users, by using the "Search" area. You can search by category or keyword.

If you want to create items to sell in your own store, you must login to your user account and click on add design.