Terms of the video message service of Tostadora.co.uk


Tostadora's video message service is a free service provided by Nextalia Ventures, S.L when an order is placed by a customer on the web and is governed by the following conditions.


To use the video message service, you declare that you are the owner or hold sufficient rights to the images or videos (hereinafter, The Work) that allow you to accept the following conditions:

  • By uploading a video or image to Tostadora's video message service, you grant Nextalia Ventures, S.L. (VAT number ESB63771349) a license, worldwide, free and royalty-free, transferable and with the right to sublicense to reproduce, distribute, modify, transform, display and publicly communicate the video or images.

  • The recipient, recipients and / or a third party who accesses the URL of the work may reproduce, download, make available and publicly communicate the work, through links, download or publication in social networks or instant messaging services. The terms and conditions of the respective services will apply in the event that The work is shared, published and / or made available on social networks or messaging services.


The work will be available a maximum of 6 months after it is uploaded to the servers.


Nextalia Ventures, S.L will maintain the video message service in a suitable way so that it is always available. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provider is exempt from liability if there are circumstances that make access to the service impossible.


If you want to remove content from the video congratulations service, contact info@tostadora.co.uk and it will be removed within a reasonable period of time. For any questions or queries about the service or these conditions, contact info@tostadora.co.uk