Transform gift-giving into an even more magical moment

Improve gift-giving with a free personalized gift message with text and video

Select the gift option

Select the option "This order contains a gift"
in your basket and personalize your gift message completely free of charge

Record or upload a greeting video

Once the order is completed you will receive a confirmation email with
a link that will take you to a page where you can record or upload a gift message video

Suprise them like never before

A QR code will be included inside the package so that special
a person can scan it and discover your gift message

If you wish, you can pack each garment with a special

gift wrap for only 1.9 additional euros per garment (textile only)

Our recommendation 

1. If you want us to send directly the giftee to your giftee bear in mind

to use your own email address to guarantee he/she is not going

to receive any spoiler communication

2. If you are buying a giftee that will be delivered to your own house because you want to give it personally to your giftee we recommend you also personalize the gift message with text and video.

You will receive a QR code that you can attach

to the package in order to turn that experience into something really wow!